how i manifested 250k in a year


my Story

Let’s face it – I think we’ve all been there.
We’ve all wanted more money, more time, cool cars, to be able to pay for that awesome family trip…

Just more… And the truth is that the more you yearn for those things, the further away they often feel.

But here’s the thing, whatever you percieve will bring you happiness is possible. You just have to learn how to properly manifest. And that’s what I’m here to teach you to do!




Get What You Want

Whether this is your first time manifesting or not, we can help you achieve your dream life.

It can be yours

More time with your family, a house, a car, better sleep-or maybe you just want to be happy in your current situation.

you are a creator

Whatever you want, you CAN manifest it!
Do not hesitate and believe in yourself! The power is yours…

about me

george moriel


Who We Are

My name is George and i manifested over 250K in less than a year. (I really did).

Previous year i was depressed in a low payed job that i did not liked and today i have my own company with 10 employees generating over 250K in less than a year.

I was able to do so following a strict manifestation schedule like meditation twice per day, yoga every morning, fasting, visualizing, journaling and daily reviewal of my goals.

My girlfriend who followed my schedule also had a similar success story now having her own business so these techniques really work.


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