Manifest Your Dreams

Dreams. In a world of constant change, your dreams are a beacon. They show you the way forward and keep you going when you’ve run out of strength. They keep you going even when the rest of the world has moved on. But also you can manifest your dreams!





Wishes do come true. In fact, you can manifest anything in 7 days!


And if you wish for an experience that will teach you how to attract wealth, happiness, and health into your life, then you’ve just found the right place.


The steps to manifest your dreams help you to get what you want out of life.


These steps will help you overcome the barrier between you and your dreams, allowing you to change your life radically.


The face of the earth is transforming, an unprecedented shift in consciousness–from fatalism to optimism, from fear to love, from separateness to oneness.


Throughout history, small groups of individuals have proven their ability to manifest miracles–to break out of limiting structures and create fantastic realities.


Today we stand on the brink of a miracle: a lasting and dramatic shift in humanity’s most profound beliefs.



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What is manifestation?



In the simplest way of explaining it, manifestation are aligning with your deepest desires.


The universe has a storehouse that holds everything you have imagined and desired.


Here, your dreams can become a reality when you allow them to exist in this plane of existence.


If you cannot imagine, then your desire will never manifest in the form of a physical object.


Following are some steps to show you how to trust yourself and tackle the challenges we all face when we’re working on something we care about, and show you how you can start right away.


Imagine the life you want, and then create it step by step.




happy dreaming



Step 1: Clear idea or concept that you want to manifest



Abundance is something everyone wants.


With some effort and determination, it is within your reach.


Achieving abundance means you must be very clear about what it is you want to manifest, why you want it, and how you will make it happen.


This goal-setting software is a simple, easy-to-use way to start organizing and prioritizing your goals.


You were designed to create a balance between what you want and what you have, a simple program to set a path toward a prosperous lifestyle.


Create a goal, then break that goal into smaller tasks that can be achieved daily or weekly.


With this program, one will have the choice to add reminders daily or weekly that will keep them on track with their goals.



Step 2: Imagined objects through a specific creative medium



Everything one can imagine is real” … is a quote by Pablo Picasso.


The artist created a self-portrait imagining his mind as a medium through which he could manifest his dreams.


That is precisely what we do at imagined objects. This art studio merges art, design, and functionality into one seamless project, enabling our clients to express themselves through manifesting dreams fully.


Imagine Objects are designed to transform your innermost imaginary thoughts into tangible realities.




Step 3: Fill your imagination with images and information



Imagination is a universally appealing concept.


The way we imagine speaks to how we perceive and brings science and art together in a powerful way.


Imagination is a mental process that plays a crucial role in perception, learning, memory, decision-making, and innovation.


The same brain systems that help us envision new inventions also allow us to enjoy the arts.


Our imaginings create our reality—what we can envision, design, or engineer.


Open your mind.


What are you willing to imagine?


Free your imagination to create any life you want.


Immerse yourself in the experience so you can visualize what you truly want.


Don’t let obstacles and excuses derail your best and highest good.



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Step 4: Ignore the past resistances



Before manifesting your dreams, you must let go of all the past resistances.


Because it is the only thing that will resist you from moving forward and become a barrier between you and your dreams.



Difficult circumstances can be a catalyst for positive change in your life.


Sometimes, the only thing that stands between you and your goals is something small.


That one thing could be “letting go” of resistance.


The Universe has all the answers and opportunities for you when you learn to trust in the law of attraction.


The Law of Attraction, as popularized by the movie and book The Secret, says that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on.


That’s why it’s so important to meditate on what you want in business and life.


This guided meditation will help you visualize a more positive future for yourself, attracting the abundance you deserve.


For example: If you are unhappy with your current financial problems and continuously think about them, it will add to your problems.


The more you think about something, the worse the situation becomes and the more we attract such things into our life.


So let go of resistance and learn to accept the things the way they are.


It doesn’t mean that you are giving up, but it means that all the negativity around you is slowly melting and you are moving towards positivity.


By ignoring past resistances, you can bring your dreams into reality with a positive thinking.



Step 5: Think big and live your dreams



All of us have dreams and goals for our lives.


We want to travel, explore new places, and experience as much as we can.


Our products are built on the principle that you can do anything you set your mind to.


You can change who you are and shape where you’re going.


It just requires the right gear to get you there. So go ahead, think big and live your dreams.


Think Big and Live Your Dreams is an inspiring account of “everyday” people who have put their dreams into action.


In doing so, they have found great success in their lives, business, music, health and creativity.


These brave individuals have accomplished extraordinary feats by simply thinking big and living their dreams!


Whether you already have a passion or dream you are trying to achieve or just want to ignite a passion within yourself, Think Big and Live Your Dreams will help you put your dreams into action.


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By George Moriel

Before learning about my powers and how to manifest my own reality my life was miserable. And because i was miserable everyone near me could fell my negative energy and being affected from that. I could not take any more depression and anxiety... i had to do something! This is how i found about my true self and my manifestation power and i sharing my knowledge with you!

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