9 Techniques On How To Stop Manifesting Your Fears

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Fear is common to all as it is omnipresent, and each individual has one. But, a few individuals may start manifesting their fears. Therefore, how to stop manifesting your fears?


It would help if you began by identifying and understanding the circumstances leading to such fears to stop manifesting them.


Then, you should know everything about it and your beliefs’ precision. 


Try to fight these thoughts with the ones that are rational and start to take smaller steps to encounter whatever you are dealing with in the name of fear.


Our post today explores how fears start manifesting in whatever you do to try to overcome them.

Is fear Manifesting in you?

All often experience fear. Every person has one of their own; however, in a few cases, such fears start manifesting into self-fulfilled prophecies.


Simply put, a few individuals start believing something strongly that this belief turns into a realization and becomes their reality. 


Therefore, if you experience any negative thoughts, they start manifesting themselves into your reality.


Whenever you undergo something scary, usually, you start experiencing an enormous amount of emotions.


And these are the emotions that specifically turn into fears at attaining those prophecies.


It is the reason why manifesting your fears is possible.

person having fear and anxety

Causes behind your fear

There are varied reasons leading to your growing fear. A few of the vital reasons that cause fear in people such as:


Feeling inferior: 


It happens when you lack confidence, and in turn, it starts triggering your fear.



Negative Mindset and thoughts: 


Negative or adverse thoughts are the prime reason behind fear, mainly when you continue thinking about your fears turning into reality.



Lacking motivations: 


Fear is often caused whenever someone loses motivation in trying to perform anything or become successful, and it is the main cause of fear in people.


Lacking self-confidence is the other reason causing fear in individuals coming from lacking confidence in themselves. It starts through the signs of doubt about oneself or even by having a negative thought.



Feeling of ignorance: 


Fear often results from ignorance about a few things, while when you have the information and knowledge, the person may not have any fear.


Creating a false belief is the primary cause behind rising fear in people.


For instance, if individuals have a heart filled with false beliefs that there is no existence of God or that the world will end soon, they may think about such things and become scared.





There are several reasons for fear, such as past experiences, natural disasters, and others.


After understanding the varied reasons behind the fear of a person, let us now understand the reason why you should attract things you fear on.



How do we manifest our fears?


It is a common fact that positivity always attracts positivity while negativity also attracts negativity which is why you are always alluring towards your fear


signs of fear

Otherwise, you can expect to receive more things whenever you are excited and happy about something.


However, when you spread negative energy to your surroundings, it boomerangs right back at you.


It is due to magnetism, a general theory across each science domain.


Everyone is a magnet having their designated north and South Pole, one negative and one positive.


Identical poles attract while the opposite ones repel, and a similar principle applies to individuals.


If you spread positive energy worldwide, you start receiving positive vibes.


good vibes only

It is why when you inform people about their beauty, they get happier and notices everything positive in you.


But, on the other hand, when you tell them how ugly they are, they for sure start responding in a similar negative tone.


Likewise, whenever you fear something, you start releasing the negative energy that eventually returns to you.



How to Stop Manifesting Your Fears


You should note here that with every manifestation, there is always a lag of time or delay before thoughts manifest themselves completely.


no fear image

Manifestations are never sudden, and this delayed time allows us to embrace the period to bring about a transformative mindset, turning our focus onto something new or changing our thought to realign and clear ourselves.


Today, we have shared a few perspectives and approaches to help you in preventing fear from manifesting itself.



1. Meditating is a great tactic


Meditation involves a potential practice that specifically involves the use of intentional attention on your silence, breathing, and specific objects to focus your attention on.

meditation pose

The existence, stillness, and focus cultivated by the staunch meditation practice allow you to become more aware.


Having an awareness of the existing moment thoughts with meditation allows you to become conscious of the negative thoughts and deal with them knowingly before they become completely manifested in you.


Meditation helps you to choose your thoughts intentionally, energize and align in the best way.


You can even incorporate other potential manifestation tactics under meditation, including affirmation and visualization.



2. Increase Your Inner Vibration


You can prevent fear from manifesting itself by actively preparing for your well-being and simplifying your main view and state of being by inviting the higher manifestations that need vibrations. 


Whenever your emotions and thoughts have greater vibrations, you become energized naturally and start manifesting consciously.

Meditation is the best technique to increase your vibrations, including sound healing frequencies, positive affirmations, ecstatic dance, and crystal healing.


Also, it is recommended to take proper care of your body with physical training and a clean, healthy, nourishing diet to help you keep your vibe high and your body’s energy vibrant.


The highly potential practice in maintaining high vibrations is by practicing gratitude as it for sure raises your vibrations and practice through daily gratitude that works astonishingly well to alleviate or counteract any intrusive thought and fear of it getting manifested.


Always practice gratitude by feeling and noticing gratitude the entire day for every blessing; you can even try the gratitude process with the help of meditation, communication, journaling, or by spreading gratitude to your surroundings.



3. Respect the Variations


Challenges often may not appear as our best blessings.


The unnecessary thoughts, emotions, or manifestations offer a greater road to variations where we learn about every signal of finding ourselves misaligned and, at times, need to welcome the changes.


Whenever we start experiencing unwanted thoughts, we are inspired and motivated to find clarities in knowing and understanding what we desire.


The desire and clarity come from the contrasts being the main components for better conscious manifestations.



4. Balancing Your Inner Chakras


There are seven energy epicenters in the body governing across varied energetic balances and functionalities known as chakras.


You naturally become an important, evident, aligned self-being whenever you have well-balanced chakras.


The high state of consciousness allows you to avoid the negative manifestations dealing with them with greater awareness whenever they arise.


When every chakra is aligned, you build a robust connection for sourcing your energy with greater self-perspective and intuitions.


You have a more remarkable ability at meditating, visualizing, and effectively communicating.


You start opening up to both giving and do not forget receiving. 


You have greater confidence in your existence, understand your needs clearly and start grounding your visions into the physical realm of the earth.


Balancing the chakras is considered the most potential way to enter into vibrations where you stop manifesting whatever you need not want naturally.



5. Shadow Work


It is mainly the concept defined by Carl Jung, a famous psychoanalyst, as the integration of the aspects unconsciously.


It is about recognizing the wounded, darker, and unexplored regions in you and acknowledging, accepting, and healing these attributes in yourself. This dark part of our self is called “the shadow“.


It is the work that is essential whenever you search for ways to prevent manifesting your fears as it is normally the shadow or the unconscious regions in your fuelling those unconscious manifestations.


Whenever the shadow gets integrated, you either stop manifesting on things you no longer wish or notice these manifestations from fresh angles.


Whenever we ignore or repress the shadowy angle, it is more likely that the shadows start manifesting in unhealthy or unwanted ways with integration.


It is where we learn to accept or heal our darker parts and manifest the experiences that consciously honor our entire being.



6. Language & Words


The highly potential factor impacting whatever we manifest involves the language we mainly use.


It does not refer to any dialect; instead, it is the consciousness level and intentions with what you speak.


The words you select in using to describe and define your reality surely affect the way your reality gets manifested across those successive moments.


Whenever you take some time to observe how you predominantly speak about yourself, your relationships, goals, and the world view, you start locating a few red flags linked to the manifestations of unwanted things you start experiencing.


It would help if you watched out for how you speak, as you can always tell the truth but include a bit more eloquence and intent as it is the best way to prevent manifesting whatever you no longer need.


There are a few instances to help clarify such things, such as informing that you are healing instead of mentioning that you are not well.


It would help if you even stopped saying that you are drained out or tired and instead mention that you would appreciate some relaxation or rest.



7. Use your emotions and thoughts to stop manifesting on things not required


Your emotions and thoughts are the key elements to reveal whether we are manifesting our needs or our fears unconsciously.


Emotions are considered the essential component included in manifestations, as emotions are considered the type of immediate manifestations as often you attain the feeling of whatever you start manifesting before any physical experiences.


It is requisite to tap into the resonance or emotional vibrations about something before physically manifesting the entire experience built.


The potential requirement for the emotions in getting heard to intentionally or consciously start manifesting as both the unwanted and wanted emotions start charging your manifestations.


At times, it starts becoming frustrating regarding the emotions no longer wanted since we begin to identify that the emotion is never required, and it causes more unwanted emotions while this starts building the manifestation of your fear.


It is vital to start learning to get associated with every emotion we have, have a present approach to these emotions, and have the awareness to start becoming more conscious about them and noting down such emotions, whatever they are. 


Learning to release and feel the emotions without judging oneself and stirring up those unnecessary emotions, and lastly, knowing to intentionally cultivate those desirable emotions through meditation, a healthy lifestyle, affirmations, and a healthy diet.



8. Ignoring those unwanted thoughts


It is often our thoughts that root our emotional responses, and it directly starts to communicate and impact whatever we manifest.

man thinking unwanted thoughts

Both these practices of harnessing the thoughts and emotions start with you becoming more mindful and present of whatever they are.


Sometimes you start noticing that you have a few specific thoughts that are no longer required.


For instance, it may appear as memories of negative situations such as childhood trauma or the time when you failed your exams or job interviews.


It is never worth keeping in mind these thoughts and starting your emotions to flow while manifesting such situations with low vibrations.


Ignoring such thoughts is never a ripe solution; however, we need to use our knowledge of the laws of attraction.


It can include a few common senses for discretion in deciding which thoughts should be addressed and the other thoughts that need to get ignored as we do not wish to enter into the spiritual bypassing phenomenon.



9. Release Any Thought Holdbacks


Whatever is holding back, your thought should get released as it is identical to ignoring such thoughts and, at times, entailing ignorance.


Releasing this resistance involves a few moments of acknowledgment of the thoughts through neutral observations and allowing them to remain the way they are.


Never spend your valuable time analyzing and simply stand up to decide not to resist any negative thoughts with negative emotions or overthinking each time it strikes your mind.



Closing thoughts


Whenever you are combining a deeper understanding of manifestations and taking your time exploring those approaches suggested in our post, you will start feeling the new reset for your point of attraction to whatever you desire and the new better-aligned emotions.


This way, you will prevent manifesting on whatever you no longer want as you now have entirely communicated with whatever you need to manifest on.


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By George Moriel

Before learning about my powers and how to manifest my own reality my life was miserable. And because i was miserable everyone near me could fell my negative energy and being affected from that. I could not take any more depression and anxiety... i had to do something! This is how i found about my true self and my manifestation power and i sharing my knowledge with you!

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